4,000 PSI 4.0 Turbo Nozzle with QC Plug


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  • Cut your cleaning time in half
  • Spray Pattern covers 4-8 inches.
  • Size: 4.0
  • Temp:  Max 210F
  • 4000 PSI / 3.8 GPM OR LESS

Rotary Nozzles
Rotating nozzles use centrifugal force to better clean tough dirt, stains, and hard water. The nozzle rotates a powerful, zero degree spray pattern in a circular motion to break down surface contaminates.


Rust removal, metal or plastic tank cleaning, and graffiti removal, washing concrete, eliminating gum from sidewalks, boat cleaning and barnacle removal, cleaning crab and lobster pots, fish nets, cleaning dirty garage floors, removing hard water from wood exterior, and removing mud and clay from highway and construction equipment.


  • Multiplies ordinary pressure into powerful scrubbing power using a jet stream of rotating water.
  • Its powerful strike makes it ideal for cleaning large, flat surfaces such as driveways and patios
  • It rotates at high speeds to increase both the intensity and cleaning area of the spray
  • Increase pressure washers cleaning efficiency

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