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The Mr. Hard Water Belt Pouch Kit™ is a complete solution – fitting any size work belt or belt loop.  It contains a water resistant Belt Pouch, Knuckler™ Hand Scrubbing Tool, and three Mr. Hard Water™ Bronze Cleaning Pads.  It’s designed to deliver quick access to your tools–including the Knuckler™ scrub tool–while keeping you dry.  Designed for professionals it’s durable, light-weight, and water resistant. Avoid getting wet from carrying damp towels and tools.


  • Water resistant
  • Durable, light weight nylon
  • Size:  3 ½” (W) X 6” (H)
  • Ideal for window cleaners, auto/marine/rv detailers, house cleaners, wood/metal workers and more

The Mr. Hard Water Belt Pouch Kit™ is specifically designed for professional window cleaners, auto/marine/RV detailers or anyone needing quick, easy access to the Knuckler™ scrub tool.  The water resistant belt pouch holds work towels, 12-oz beverage cans, or tools without getting you wet!  If you plan on cleaning a lot, you’ll need this.  The Mr. Hard Water Belt Pouch Kit™ comes with three Mr. Hard Water™ Bronze Cleaning Pads, one Knuckler™ scrub tool, a Water Resistant Belt Pouch, and a 3″ carabineer to fit any size belt loop. It also has a pen pocket that can accommodate change or a slim cell phone.  A complete package!

(1) Belt Pouch
(1) Carabineer
(1) Mr. Hard Water Knuckler™ Hand Scrub Tool
(3) Mr. Hard Water™ Bronze Cleaning Pads


This is a new scrub block.  Unfortunately, the black and red one has been discontinued.  The steel wool cleaning pads fit both scrub blocks so they are interchangeable.  The new scrub block is also available from Lowe’s.


This pad fits both the old scrub block (black and red) and the new scrub block (beige).

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 7 in
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