Cord Protector – Water Resistant Safety


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The Mr. Hard Water Cord Protector is a water resistant safety device designed to help prevent water from reaching the male/female plugs of an extension cord.  When working with any power tool, it is always recommended to follow ANSI and OSHA safety regulations for the use of the tool.  It is always recommended to use a GFCI device when working around water or moisture.

In addition to providing a water resistant feature to the polisher, the Cord Protector also holds the two ends together firmly so that they do not easily separate during operation.  It’s a real time saver not to have to reconnect your extension cords.


  • Water Resistant.
  • Resists separation if pulled apart.
  • Encapsulates the male / female plugs of an extension cord.
  • Ideal for glass polishing.
  • Ideal for shower door restoration.
  • Ideal for commercial and residential window cleaning where glass polishing is used.


Securely connect the male end of the polisher to the female end of the extension cord.  Place the connection inside the Cord Protector.  Firmly close the two halves together with the locking connectors.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 4 × 3 in
Primary Use