Designed for both the professional and dedicated home owner, the Granite Cleaning Kit contains a professional quantity of supplies and equipment to remove hard water stains, and thoroughly maintain granite surfaces.  Renew dull and tired surfaces, and seal dense granite with Stone Pro’s Crystallized Polishing and Sealing supplies.


  • For countertops, vanities and bath.
  • Remove oil stains.
  • Remove hard water stains.
  • Remove light scratches.
  • Restore the stone’s natural color.
  • Stone Pro Finishing Touch Daily Cleaner and Sealer included.
  • Polish using a restoration Crystallizer and Granite Potea (color enhancer).
  • Seal and protect granite against water stains, oil stains, and dullness.
  • (includes 3 Stone Steel Wool Pad #2 – 7″ )

Package Contains:
#2-7″ Steel Wool Pad ( 5 Pack)
Natural Hair Pad 7″ – Shower Door & Glass 5 (pk)
7″ Wool Polishing Bonnet
Stone Scrub Hard Water Remover – Qt
Pro Shine Granite Potea – Light 1lb
Pro Shine Granite Potea -Dark 1lb
Polish Pro Crystallizer (no steel wool required) – Qt
Finishing Touch™ Spray
Ultimate Pro™ Granite & Dense Stone Sealer – Qt
Microfiber Towel – 1 pk
Sealer Applicator

Additional information

Weight 12.75 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 8 in
Primary Use