Kit 4 – 15 Degree Blast Head (3500 PSI min) w/ Trigger Gun


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Kit 4 – 15 Degree Blast Head (3500 PSI min) w/ Trigger Gun

The Mr. Hard Water Kit 4 – 15 Degree Blast Head (3500 PSI min) w/ Trigger Gun is a complete cleaning system for any surface that can be cleaned with a 15 degree nozzle.  Able to accommodate many types of media, this kit is simple yet powerful.  A sand stake can be inserted into the desired media.  As the water is forced through the blast aperture via a pressure washer, sufficient suction is accomplished to draw through the media through the mixing valve.

The 15 degree blast head generates a wider spray pattern than the zero degree head.  This enables the operator to cover a larger area faster.  In addition, because the spray pattern is distributed across a 15 degree area, it softens the blow against the tile or glass block.  This makes it ideal for cleaning glass tile or other softer surfaces that cannot withstand a direct zero degree spray pattern.  It is also very effective on water features and stone.


  • Shut off valve to control media flow
  • Supports pressure washers equal to or great than 3500 psi / 3.5 GPM.
  • 4200 psi / 4.0 GPM is recommended for professionals.
  • 1/4″ Threaded Body.  Thread direclty into your lance. Or use a Quick Connect (included but not shown in middle photograph) onto a pressure wand.
  • Ideal for 15 degree blast applications such as glass tile, pool tile, and fountains


  • 28″ Molded Spray Lance
  • Side Handle
  • MTM Hydro M407 Spray Gun
  • Shut off valve to control the media flow.  Off allows just water.  Fully On allows max media draw.
  • Internal nozzle jets – 15030, 15035, 15040 (installed).
  • Wrench
  • Nozzle Tip Cleaner
  • O-Ring
  • Quick Connect Male Plug (included but not shown in middle photograph).
  • 20 ft. clear vinyl hose.
  • Media Stake.
  • Operations Manual.  The Professional’s Guide to Pool Tile Cleaning and Wet Blasting
  • (Media Not Included)


  • Keiserite Maxx Strip
  • Glass Bead
  • Salt
  • Soda
  • Sand


Professionals can use their Pool Tile Cleaning License to buy the media from local suppliers. Home owners generally need a contractor’s license to buy from local suppliers.  This can restrict their access to the media.  Mr. Hard Water does sell to home owners.  However, shipping costs apply to all media sales.


Media types dissolve at different rates when mixed with water.  Media types also differ in pH.  This affects of plants health.  pH-neutral media is recommended around vegetation.  Media types also vary according to hardness and break down during impact.  For example, sand is very hard and does not disintegrate upon impact whereas other media will.  As a result, cleaning effectiveness, pitting, stripping, and other featureas associated with blasting are determined by the type of media used.

For quick clean up, capture undissolved media using a tarp and then dispose in a safe place.

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