The Mr. Hard Water Knuckler™ Combo is a complete hard water scrub tool for glass, windshields, tile, metal and more.  It combines a Mr. Hard Water Knuckler™ scrub tool and a Mr. Hard Water™ Cleaning Pad.  The scrub tool is a re-useable, durable, tough scrubbing block that saves your knuckles when scrubbing!  It’s great for cleaning edges, flat, or curved surfaces.


  • Fits the Mr. Hard Water Knuckler™ Cleaning Pads!
  • Made of tough, durable plastic
  • Optimized for hard water removal
  • Uses: Windshields, windows, mirrors, shower doors, glass table tops, pool & tile, porcelain, ceramic stove tops, glass table tops and more
  • Other Uses: Marine cleaning, boat cleaning, woodworking, wood finishing, and paint stripping, Teak, Mahogany, Hardwood finishing.
  • Woolit™ Super Soft #0000 Steel Wool Textile

Recommended Usage:
Best when used with Mr. Hard Water™ Powder – a 100% acid/chemical free cleaning powder. Guaranteed soft, tough, safe, and non-scratch on glass.

The Mr. Hard Water™ Cleaning Pad is a one-time use steel wool pad and is the definitive standard for hard water removal and cleaning of auto/marine/RV windshields, shower doors, glass table tops, windows and more.  It’s composed of an advanced superfine textile woven into a soft backing material. The pad is soft enough not to scratch but tough enough to remove hard water stains and dirt.

(1) Mr. Hard Water™ Knuckler™ Hand Scrubbing Tool
(4) Mr. Hard Water™ Superfine Steel Wool 4/0 Cleaning Pads


This is a new scrub block.  Unfortunately, the black and red one has been discontinued.  The steel wool cleaning pads fit both scrub blocks so they are interchangeable.  The new scrub block is also available from Lowe’s.


This pad fits both the old scrub block (black and red) and the new scrub block (beige).

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in
Primary Use