Mr Hard Water® 2 – Liquid Glass Polish:  

● 2X Coverage Rates ● 2X Faster ● 2X Stronger ● 2X Safer

Mr Hard Water® 2 Liquid Glass Polish is superior to cerium oxide and is comprised of 1300 nm polishing particles (50 times smaller than powder abrasives) fully suspended in deionized water, making it ready-to-use. Simply spray onto the glass or polishing pad and your ready to polish away light swirl marks, hard water stains, and light etching.  Mr Hard Water® 2 Liquid Glass Polish is an eco-friendly, all natural compound that is safe, effective, and easy-to-use.  It is specifically designed for full pane glass polishing where large surfaces need to be polished. It’s also ideal for sensitive glass surfaces that react poorly to powder based cleaners.  Apply by hand or with a polisher.  Mr Hard Water® 2 Liquid Glass Polish can be used with many different types of polishing pads, including steel wool, nylon, and white pads.  It’s your first choice on all residential and commercial windows that are located higher up in the line of sight and viewable through direct sunshine.  Mr Hard Water® 2 Liquid Glass Polish can also be used on the second polishing pass, removing any glass defects generated by more aggressive cleaners and compounds. To maximize the use of the material, re-wet with water from a spray bottle as the liquid dries.  (see application videos on-line.) 





  • Superior to cerium oxide.
  • For glass surfaces sensitive to powder abrasives.
  • Particle size is 50 times smaller than powder abrasives.
  • Removes light swirl marks, haze, AND light etching.
  • High coverage rates. Ideal for polishing large glass surfaces.
  • Ready to use – no mixing required. 
  • Safe on metals, stone, and surrounding surfaces.
  • Recommended as a second polishing pass compound.


Shake well.  Test in an inconspicuous place. Do not dilute or mix. Hand Application: Apply with a soft cloth or microfiber towel and polish in a circular motion.  Polishers:Spray 2- 3 squirts onto the glass. Polish on low speed. Reapply as needed until desired result is achieved. Let dry and wipe away, or rinse with water. To maximize the use of the material, re-wet with water from a spray bottle as the liquid dries.  (see application videos on-line.) Recommended: For best polishing results, use with a steel wool polishing pad or a Liquid Polishing Pad, which pad is designed to hold and distribute the liquid during polishing.



Coverage Rates (sq ft.)

 8 oz


1 Quart


1 Gal


NOTE: Coverage rates depend upon degree of damage, desired result, and glass condition.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 0.4 × 4 × 10 in
Primary Use