Mr. Hard Water® Auto Windshield Electric Buffer Cleaning Kit


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Mr. Hard Water® Auto Windshield Electric Buffer Cleaning Kit

Product Overview

Hard Water is a pervasive problem – especially on windshields.  The Mr. Hard Water® Auto Windshield Electric Buffer Cleaning Kit solves tough hard water problems – quickly and efficiently. Designed for professionals, this kit is designed to take the guesswork out of hard water removal.  Mr. Hard Water® Hard Water Away Auto Windshield Cleaning Powder contains absolutely NO acids or chemicals and each pad is specifically designed to clean sensitive glass, making it safe on painted surfaces. Once restored, Mr. Hard Water® Windshield Glass Sealer Hard Water Protector will keep it cleaner longer and protect against further degradation.  Several application tools are included.  The sealer requires no buffing and cures in 3-5 minutes.
  • Variable speed polisher is light weight!  Only 5.5 lbs.
  • Available in 240V or 120V
  • Convert this system to a cordless drill with our 5/8 in. 11 thread adapter (included).
  • A complete business system – marketing material download and tools! 
  • Add additional income to your detailing business!
  • Multiple uses:  Windshields, windows, shower doors, table tops…
  • Includes Mr Hard Water® Windshield Glass Sealer for glas, wheels, plastic, headlights, and painted surfaces.  Protects against moisture, corrosion, and oxidation

Product Details

(1)   Mr Hard Water® Industrial Wet Polisher.   240V or 120V.  Includes 5″ Backing Plate.  Variable speed, continuous duty, ideal RPMs for hard water removal.  Weighs ~ 5 lbs.  Can be held with attachable handle or on the head.  The head is covered by a heat resistant, durable plastic cover that allows hand held operation.  Other tools heat up and can’t be handled this way.

(1) Mr. Hard Water® Hard Water Away Auto Windshield Cleaning Powder
Contains NO acids or chemicals.  An excellent glass polish for windshields.  Safe on auto bodies, fiberglass, metal trim, and rubber.  Run-Off Safe!

(1) Mr Hard Water® Windshield Electric Buffer Polishing Compound – 8 oz.
Our NEW Liquid Glass Polish is the best finish glass polish on the market today!  Use by hand or with a polisher.  Use with both the nylon or super soft steel wool pads.

(1) Mr Hard Water® Auto Windshield Glass Sealer  – 8 oz (Covers up to 200 sq.ft)

The best and easiest to use glass sealer on the market today!  Long lasting and easy to apply, Mr Hard Water® Windshield Glass Sealer seals and protects auto and marine glass from dirt, rain, snow, and track debris.  Keep it cleaner longer with Mr Hard Water® Protective Sealant&nbsp.

(1) Sealer Applicator

(2) 5″ Nylon Polishing Pads
Specifically designed for hard water removal.  Each pad is made of a woven nylon material that is durable and folded over on itself ~ 15 times.  Peel aware worn layers and keep going.  Use either side.  It’s easily washed and re-used.  5 times more durable than steel wool pads, the Nylon Pad avoids backing material problems such as excessive absorption of water – which is needed on the glass and not on the pad.

(2) Steel Wool 4/0 Super Soft Polishing Pads.
These pads are a must have for difficult to remove hard water stains on windshields!
(1) Advertising CD.  Contains all of the advertising templates you’ll need to promote your business.  Flyers, door hangers, business cards, lawn signs, and truck magnets.  Print as-is or add your company name to each template.  Simply take the CD to a printer or print and modify flyers at home.

(1) Instruction Videos On-Line.  Includes 8 segments: cautions, powder, pads, methods, sealants, job costing and pricing, profitability tips, selling tips.

(1) Glass Polishing Operations Manual

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 8 in
Primary Use