Mr. Hard Water® Marine Windshield Electric Buffer Glass Polishing Pad – 5″ Medium Stains Nylon

Product Description:

The Mr. Hard Water® Marine Windshield Electric Buffer Glass Polishing Pad – 5″ Nylon provides a mechanical advantage to those needing extra polishing, scrubbing, and cleaning power. It lasts longer than other polishing pads.  It is ideal for exterior applications, such as glass marine windshields, auto windshields, RV windshields, and bus windshields because it is rust-resistant, re-usable, and durable. Each pad is hook and loop (Velcro) compatible and fits any 5″ Polisher. Composed of an advanced superfine nylon textile, the Mr. Hard Water® Marine Windshield Electric Buffer Glass Polishing Pad – 5″ Nylon pad is soft for sensitive glass surfaces, but tough enough to remove hard water stains and dirt.  Designed for light to medium hard water, salt, bird debris, and dirt removal.  For heaver stains use the superfine #0000 bronze steel wool or #0000 steel wool polishing pads. Recommended Polishing speed:  <500 RPM. Always seal the glass after cleaning with Mr Hard Water® Marine Glass Windshield Sealer Salt & Hard Water Protector to avoid further damage.


  • Fits hook & loop Velcro 5″ diameter backer plates on polishing/sanding tools!
  • Reusable.
  • NOT suitable for plastics or glass / plastic composites.
  • Super Soft Nylon Material.

NOTE: Always start polishing with the least abrasive polishing pad possible and work your way toward more abrasive pads.  

  • Light Stains.      Bonnets, or Foam Pads
  • Medium Stains.  Blue Nylon Pads
  • Tough Stains.    Silver (non-reusable) or Bronze (reusable) super fine 4/0 Steel Wool Pads


  • Marine Glass Windshield Cleaning Powder
  • Marine Glass Windshield Electric Buffer Polishing Compound


  • Marine Glass Windshield Electric Buffer Cleaning Kit
  • Mr. Hard Water Windshield Cleaning Kit
  • Mr. Hard Water Windshield Drill Kit



Additional information

Weight 0.01 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in
Primary Use