Mr. Hard Water™ Powder Kit -16 oz


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Mr. Hard Water™ Cleaning Powder is an eco-friendly, industrial strength, super-fine, organic, acid/chemical free, cleaning, polishing, and hard water removal powder designed for use on glass, tile, polished stone, polished metals and more.

Environmentally-safe, Mr. Hard Water Cleaning Powder contains no acids or chemicals!  It cleans because it is milled to a super fine powder that can reach micro-pores. Unlike other cleaners, you don’t have to worry about run-off.  It’s safe on auto paint, tile, and metal framing.  Apply with a microfiber towel on delicate fixtures and metals, and a Mr. Hard Water™ Pad for glass.


  • 100% Acid / Chemical Free
  • Safe on auto paint, tile, metal framing
  • Uses: delicate kitchen/bath/patio fixtures, glass, windows, shower door enclosures, auto/marine windshields, headlamps, glass table tops and more.

Mr. Hard Water™ Cleaning Powder is also residue free – making it the best solution for glass preparation before applying Mr. Hard Water® Protective Sealant. It is safe on painted surfaces (auto), tile, rubber and other surfaces surrounding the surface to be cleaned.  That means you don’t have to worry about creating further damage!


When using a polisher on sensitive glass such as residential or commercial windows that may have an external coating (Low-E, anti-reflective, pyrolytic, etc.), then Mr Hard Water 2 Liquid Glass Polish should be your first choice.  The Liquid Glass Polish contains polishing particles specifically designed for glass and is composed of polishing particles that are 50 times smaller than traditional hand cleaners.  It can be used as a first polish or final polish after using the powder. Watch our instruction videos to see how both remove tough hard water stains.  The Liquid Glass Polish is ideal for polishing away acid etching, white haze, and light swirl marks.  Both the powder and the liquid can be used with both the nylon and the steel wool pads.  I personally prefer the Liquid with a Steel Wool Pad!

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