• Designed for Window Cleaners and Carpet Cleaners wishing to add shower door restoration to their business.
  • Optimized for Shower Doors.  Contains polishing pads and cleaner used for shower doors.
  • Kit Includes everything in photo, including 5 lb Mr. Hard Water Cleaning Powder and (8) 5″ Super Fine Steel Wool Polishing Pads.

Hard Water is a pervasive problem.  Shower door enclosures, residential windows, commercial windows, glass table tops and more suffer the degradation caused by hard water stains.  Add income to your business by offering your customer hard water removal.

The Mr Hard Water™ – SHOWER Door Kit  solves tough hard water problems – quickly and efficiently.  Designed for professionals and home owners, this kit is designed to take the guesswork out of hard water removal.  Mr. Hard Water Powder contains absolutely no acids or chemicals and is the work-horse for removing tough hard water stains.  Simply mix the powder with water to a paste or slurry, apply to the glass and polishing pad, and you’re ready to begin polishing.


  • Ideal for Carpet Cleaners looking to add shower door cleaning / sealing to their business
  • For US: 110V
  • For Europe: 240V
  • A complete business system – marketing materials (free download) just email us so we can send you the link.  
  • Add additional income to your business!
  • Multiple uses:  windows, shower doors, table tops, windshields…
  • Includes on-line instruction videos which covers business issues and polishing techniques.
  • Mr. Hard Water® Glass Sealer protects against moisture, corrosion, and oxidation.
WINDOWS: COATED GLASS When using a polisher on sensitive glass such as residential or commercial windows that may have an external coating (Low-E, anti-reflective, pyrolytic, etc.), then Mr Hard Water 2 Liquid Glass Polish should be your first choice.  The Liquid Glass Polish contains polishing particles specifically designed for glass and is composed of polishing particles that are 50 times smaller than traditional hand cleaners.  It can be used as a first polish or final polish after using the powder. Watch our instruction videos to see how both remove tough hard water stains.  The Liquid Glass Polish is ideal for polishing away acid etching, white haze, and light swirl marks.  Both the powder and the liquid can be used with both the nylon and the steel wool pads.  I personally prefer the Liquid with a Steel Wool Pad!


Mr Hard Water® Glass Sealer is a durable, easy-to-apply sealer that protects shower doors and windows from soap scum and hard water build-up.  Mr Hard Water® can be safely used on glass surfaces, mirrors, metals, tile, fiberglass, porcelain, and plastic.

Application:  1. Clean and dry the surface.  2. Spread and buff the sealant evenly across the surface using a soft cloth, sponge, microfiber towel, or sealant applicator taking care not to miss any spots.  Apply two coats if necessary. 3. Let the sealer dry for three to five minutes until a haze appears.  4. Buff off the remaining haze by rinsing with a wet towel.  Watch the water bead off!  5. Use a squeegee or dry cloth to remove the remaining water from the glass surface. 6. Re-apply as needed.


  • Durable.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Applies with a foam applicator, microfiber towel, or absorbent sponge in minutes.
  • Excellent for repelling hard water.
  • Protects glass surface from chemical etching.
  • Makes subsequent cleaning much easier because of the “Teflon-like” coating.
  • 8 oz covers 200 sq ft.
  • 16 oz. covers 400 sq ft.
  • ½ Gal. covers 1600 sq ft.
  • Does not discolor, crack, chip, or peel.

Mr Hard Water® Sealer seals and protects shower doors against the build-up of soap and hard water eliminating the need for a daily squeegee.  It protects shower door glass and windows from the etching effects of hard water stains preserving your raw material investment.  Mr Hard Water® Sealer also makes subsequent cleaning much easier because it provides a “Teflon-like” coating that prevents the adherence of stain creating substances such as hard water, soaps, and dirt.

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