Simpson Detergent Heavy Duty


4 – 1 Gallon Containers This product has been formulated for difficult cleaning jobs. It is simply the best heavy-duty cleaner. This unique power-detergent will out-perform every all-purpose cleaner on the market today. It cleans everything everywhere –in kitchens, garages, and industrial plants — cleaner, faster, easier, and economically.

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  • Heavy-duty cleaner out-performs every all-purpose cleaner on the market. Non-butyl degreaser.
  • Cleans everything, faster, easier, and more economically. Eliminates the need to use several other products to get the cleaning done.
  • Versatile cleaner. Cleans any washable surface. One product to do all the cleaning. Free rinsing
  • Highly concentrated. Effective at dilutions as great as half-ounce per gallon of water. A real money saver.
  • Works in hard or soft water. Never leaves a film on any surface.
  • The actual product may vary slightly from product images

Suggested Uses (Application)

Can be sprayed, mopped, wiped, used in pressure washers, steam cleaners, and automatic scrubbers. Use on floors, walls, desks, chairs, refrigerators, carpets, cars, trucks, tables, garbage pails, bed frames, sinks, toilets, shower tile, aircraft, tools, engines, concrete, plastic, glass, metals, vinyl, painted surfaces.