Simpson Gray Wrapped Rubber Gray w/ Bend Protectors


SIMPSON®’s wrapped rubber hose series is jacketed with wrapped rubber for high strength, durability and kink resistance. These hoses provide exceptional performance in high-temperature applications up to 250°F and pressure ratings from 4,500 to 10,000 PSI.

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Features 3/8 in. x 200 ft. x 8000 PSIR2 double steel-braided inner jacketWrapped rubber outer jacket with 24″ bend protectors3/8 in.Male quick connect x 3/8 ft. female quick connectFor cold and hot water use with a max temperature rating of up to 250⁰FDesigned to fit most brands of hot and cold gas pressure washers quick connect fittingsThe actual product may vary slightly from product images

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3/8 in.

Hose Ends

2 -pc QC Socket x 3/8" 2-pc QC Plug

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